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At Urology Consultants, we are committed to seeing that you achieve your best health today and develop a personalized care plan for each of our patients. Our goal is to see you thrive and we are dedicated to bringing our patients the latest advancements in care and equipment. Whether it’s new technology or new strategies of care, our team is here to guide you on a path to optimal health. We treat the full spectrum of urological conditions and diseases and would love the opportunity to take care of you.

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I am supremely honored to be the recovering patient of Dr Christopher Willams.

My wife is an MD also, and I am pampered each time I visit a doctor as mostly they strive to be perfect in the eyes of an attentive colleague. Over six hours of surgery to remove every trace of a very aggressive cancer as it escapes from a besieged prostate.I owe Dr. Williams my life, the one he returned to me with his perfect control and operation of the DaVinci robotic surgical device, and his own knowledge and understanding of the hope man body and his tedious application of the hippocratique oath. May God bless you, Dr Williams, as He blessed me when I was led to you.

Robert M. / Cancer Survivor

I have known Dr. Christopher Williams for 10 years.

I was a cryoablation representative for Healthtronics, a large medical technology company out of Austin, TX. I worked as a trained ultrasound sonographer to provide ultrasound and technical support to Dr. Williams.
Dr. Williams work habits are excellent. He is dependable, loyal, on time and responsible, and has always demonstrated consistent follow-through on Job tasks… He is the most positive Urologist that I have worked with in my 20 year ultrasound career.
He is very focused on being the very best health care provider to his patients… He works hard but has a balanced life with his family that he adores. I am impressed with his career development. He is a trained Robotic surgeon. He has specialized in diagnosing and treating urological conditions male and female for 20 years. All of those experiences give him a broad base of knowledge as one of the very best Urologist and upstanding gentleman. I am so happy that he has chosen to serve the people of his community opening his very own practice.”

Michael L. Jones (RDMS) BS / Healthtronics

Dr. Christopher Williams
The UroCoach

Dr. Christopher Williams is a graduate of the prestigious National Cancer Institute Urological Oncology Program at the National Institutes of Health. He is one of only a few fellowship-trained urological oncologists in Jacksonville.

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