Cancer Consultations & Second Opinions

If you or someone you know have ever been told “you have cancer,” you likely recall the strong emotions and abundance of questions elicited. But you probably did not remember much that was discussed after those dreaded words were uttered. With a diagnosis of cancer there are so many treatment options and questions to consider that it can be emotionally overwhelming. Patients often wonder “are the doctors telling me everything, do they know the best treatment options, do they really care or are they just looking out for themselves?”

At Urology Consultants, we help patients feel more confident during this process.Dr. Williams and his staff help those diagnosed with urological cancers – like prostate, bladder, kidney, adrenal, testicular, and penile cancers – understand their options in a no-pressure situation. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Williams’ ability to simplify complicated cancer concepts and offer fair recommendations always in the best interest of the patient has attracted patients to him nationally and internationally. Unhampered by the rigors of a busy academic practice, he can now use his 20 years of experience as a cancer surgeon to offer his unbiased diagnostic and consultative expertise to patients in the comfort and convenience of a private office setting.

You have questions, The UroCoach has answers.

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Non-Surgical Management of Urological Cancers

Some urological cancers may be managed with medications primarily (first option) or secondarily (if the cancer recurs). Most urological cancers require surveillance (follow-up after primary treatment to look for signs of recurrence). As a Urological Oncologist, Dr. Williams’ experience encompasses both surgical and non-surgical management of urological cancers. In his role with Urology Consultants, Dr. Williams will concentrate on the non-surgical management of urological cancers. Just as he has done throughout his career, Dr. Williams will manage cancer patients in close collaboration with his Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology colleagues. In addition, if it is determined that surgery is the best option for a patient, Dr. Williams has maintained a good working relationship with area Urologists and will refer to whom he feels is best suited for a given situation.

Diagnostic Services

Unfortunately, it is very commonplace for urinary symptoms to be misdiagnosed, mistreated, and dismissed as simple urinary tract infections or an enlarged prostate.

However, such symptoms may be signs of a urological cancer. At Urology Consultants, we take such symptoms seriously and perform the appropriate diagnostic testing to ensure that a cancer is not being missed. Diagnostic testing may take the form of laboratory testing, an in-office cystoscopy (looking into the bladder with a scope to look for tumors) or a biopsy (obtaining small tissue samples to look for cancer).If a biopsy is needed, the tissue is then sent to a state-of-the-art laboratory where it’s analyzed for cancer.